waterproofing membrane price per square meter

waterproofing membrane price : Nowadays, it is very difficult to select Waterproof membrane due to its popularity with Waterproof membrane and many companies operating in the field as well as being aware of the prices and up-to-date prices of Waterproof membrane which is one of the important reasons for buying Waterproof membrane . As you know, due to the use of Waterproof membrane in the cold season, it is being used more and many people refer to different Waterproof membrane depending on their use. Quality and price are appropriate, which is certainly the cause of the different Waterproof membrane prices.

waterproofing membrane price per square meter

Various factors affect on waterproofing membrane

Various factors affect on waterproofing membranemembrane roofing : Waterproof membrane is a type of waterproof and moisture-proof insulation for roofing, pools and the like. Waterproof membrane is a coating for insulation used to prevent water infiltration, and is obtained from petroleum products. It prevents itself. The Waterproof membrane life is on average 10 years. The different layers are as follows:

  • Polyethylene film or mineral powder or aluminum foil
  • Tissue
  • Polyester
  • Special additives
  • Polyethylene film

Waterproof membrane is an industrial phenomenon that relies on knowledge, experimentation and technology to protect structures against moisture and humidity caused by snow and rain. Various types of Waterproof membrane , after passing various tests, in processing plants laboratories, will increase its stability factor. Depending on the type of product (monolayer or double-layer), Tisho and polyester will enter the pitcher. It is then impregnated with polymeric materials and bitumen. The thickness of the layer is also adjusted by the outlet embedded above the bitumen pan. The aluminum sheet then adheres to the material-coated layer and enters the water pond.

 The layer is cooled after passing through the water pond and passing through the rollers. Next, the plastic is added to the back of the layer and the Waterproof membrane layer enters the storage elevator. The elevator will temporarily store the Waterproof membrane layer on the device, preventing it from stopping production. The drying fans also perform Waterproof membrane drying operations. At the end of the Waterproof membrane, the roller enters the roller and rolls for 10 meters around a conical rod. After rolling, the layer is cut and then thrown out by the launcher.

Cheapest Wholesale of Waterproofing Membrane for Importers

Cheapest Wholesale of Waterproofing Membrane for Importers flat roof waterproofing products : Types of Waterproof membrane: The Waterproof membrane is divided into two types based on its constituent material:  Polymeric Bitumen Waterproof membrane Using Pure Bitumen 70-60: The main element in this type of bitumen is pure bitumen 70-60 and has a high quality compared to blown bitumen. Pure bitumen comes from refining crude oil. Due to heating of crude oil, gasoline, petroleum solvents, light petroleum, gas oil and other light oils it is separated in refinery distillation towers and its bitumen remains at a temperature of about 380 degrees C (under normal pressure) which is solid. Or semi-solid. Pure bitumens are named for their degree of influence. Bitumen 70/60 is used in roof sealing. Waterproof membrane due to its lightness and high strength alone is a perfect moisture insulator for:

  • Roofs
  • Foundation
  • Pools
  • Water tanks
  • Tunnels
  • Irrigation canals
  • Toilets
  • Refrigerators
  • Dams
  • Runway
  • Class parking lots
  • Poultry
  • Gas water, oil pipes
  • Livestock

Blown Oil Waterproof membrane Using Mazut Oil: The main element in this type of bitumen blasting Waterproof membrane is lower quality and shelf life than polymer Waterproof membrane. The bitumen is obtained by blowing hot air to the oil. In this process, hot air is blown into the oil-containing chamber by drilling pipes at temperatures of 200 to 300 ° C. As a result of this process, the hydrogen atoms in the hydrocarbon molecules combine with the oxygen of air and the formation of water results in polymerization. Blown bitumen is less permeable than pure bitumen, has a softer degree and is less sensitive to temperature changes. This bitumen is most commonly used in the manufacture of roofing sheets, car batteries and plastering.

How to Export Waterproofing Membrane to European Countries?

How to Export Waterproofing Membrane to European Countries?flat roof waterproofing membrane :Due to the slowdown in construction in recent decades and the fluctuations in prices we have experienced, the quality of the Moisture insulation  has diminished, so dear buyers must be careful to standardize on the Waterproof membrane why This standard reflects the high quality of the Moisture insulation and is very influential on its price. When a product has a standard badge, it means that all of its ingredients are high quality and quality.

  • Waterproof membrane splitting the shape and cutting it:

Ordinary Waterproof membrane (one meter wide and 10 meter rolls): This type of Waterproof membrane is known to people and is made with different layers and different coatings. Crushed Waterproof membrane : This type of Waterproof membrane with special and beautiful cuts is used to insulate the roofs for insulation with exterior beauty.

  • Moisture insulation Classification by Type of Layers Used 

Single Layer Waterproof membrane (Includes Sewed Polyester): This type of laminate is more delicate and flexible than the two-layer type. Double Layer Waterproof membrane : This type of laminate is thicker than the single layer and is more durable.

  • Waterproof membrane classification based on the coating on it:

Aluminum-coated Waterproof membrane: Due to the aluminum-coated, this type of Waterproof membrane is widely used in places where it is exposed to direct sunlight. Aluminum-coated non-laminated: This type of laminate is often used for insulation of sanitary ware.Gravel-coated moisture insulation : This type of pebble is most commonly used in high-traffic areas that give it a visual appearance due to the color of its pebbles.

Best & Affordable Waterproofing Membrane Price in Iran

Best & Affordable Waterproofing Membrane Price in IranHigh Quality Waterproof membrane Characteristics: It can almost be said that the first place where houses and buildings are damaged and eroded is their roof and the best way to deal with this erosion is to use high quality as well as high quality Waterproof membrane but what are the characteristics of a high quality Waterproof membrane? 

 The first characteristic of a suitable Waterproof membrane is having good polymer and bitumen : The first characteristic of an Waterproof membrane is that of good quality polymer and bitumen on the outer shell of the Waterproof membrane which causes the Waterproof membrane to emit unpleasant odor against the heat of the sun and the first layer of the Waterproof membrane is insulated. You just have to draw your hand on the outer layer of the Waterproof membrane to make sure you are getting the proper Waterproof membrane for it, and if the black material of the Waterproof membrane is not transferred to your hand, it will show the high quality of the Waterproof membrane.

Draw a layer of isogam with any power you can : Another way for you to determine the quality of the isogam is to draw a layer of the isogam with whatever power you can, and the waterproofing membrane should not be stretched or damaged.

Best Countries for Buying Waterproofing Membrane

Best Countries for Buying Waterproofing MembraneHigh-quality Waterproof membrane characteristics: Fold back the insulation layer: To find out the quality of the insulation layer it is inappropriate to fold it over and do it several times, if the polymer material used in the Waterproof membrane Desirable quality This Waterproof membrane  layer should not break and crack.

 The Moisture insulation should not be brittle at negative temperature: the Moisture insulation should not be brittle at negative temperature so insert a piece of Moisture insulationinto the freezer and then bend and straighten it again several times, the Moisture insulationshould not crack or break Be. If used professionally and properly, roofing is a long-lasting insulation for up to 15 years, suitable for the protection and maintenance of your roof.

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