Bitumen waterproofing membrane supplier in Asia

Bitumen is a hydro carbonic substance that is black to dark brown colored and is completely solved in carbon-sulfide and carbon-tetra chloride. Our factory is bitumen waterproofing membrane supplier in Asia. As a bitumen waterproofing membrane supplier, we provide you the best product.

What is tar and what is bitumen?

Tar is a black and crumby substance that used in waterproofing and making asphalt. Tar has different kinds and every kind has their special usage. Tar derived of petroleum and usually produced in oil refinery. In outside temperature the tar is solid, but when raising the temperature it gets crummy and then liquid. Important performance of tar is because of its two properties: impermeability and adherence. The tar that obtained from distillation of petroleum named bitumen or distills tar. It is resultant of two times distillation of petroleum in fractionation column. We produce bitumen and use that in waterproofing membrane and we are chief supplier of bitumen waterproofing membrane in Asia. 10% of this product used in insulation and 90% of that used in road construction.


What is tar and what is bitumen?

Insulation and waterproofing membrane

Bitumen used for waterproofing of roofs and bathrooms’ bottoms. Usually to stabilization of the tar they use that with the gunnysack, this job called as bituminous felting. The tissue of the gunnysack has the equipping role on the tar and fixes the tar in its place. Also some productions like tar muffler or tar cardboard that represented in commercial names like Izogam and … have utilization like bituminous felting. To prevent the osmosis and infiltration of moisture of ground to floor, Blockage or Macadam used in the buildings, that is wreck of rock and cobblestone that has not mortar coating and founded in 25 to 40 diameters under the floor. Usually the bituminous felting of wall passed across the wall and is finish into the Blockage. Our company has more than 30 years background in providing tar and Izogam in exchange and export of Iranian bitumen.

Insulation and waterproofing membrane

Different kinds of natural tar or bitumen

The source of natural tar is the petroleum. Through the time the light parts of the petroleum were evaporated then the polymerization an oxidation reactions were done and finally the bitumen created. The quality of bitumen depends on two parameters including the kind of the reactions and outage of doing the reactions that called as longevity of tar. We can observe the bitumen in physical conditions of liquid and semi-solid and hard, and different chemical qualities. Bitumen or natural asphalt has different kinds that are:

۱- Rock bitumen: that created due to natural penetration of tar through the calcic cliffs. It used as the cover of roads.

۲- Lake bitumen: that its most important mine named as Trinidad lake asphalt. This tar used in making the hot trundle asphalt.

۳- Gluconates or Asphaltites that have 98% pure tar and 2% mineral material. Our company is bitumen waterproofing membrane supplier.

Definition of bitumen

Bitumen is a tar additional that has high capacity of mixing with oil tar and, after mixing, the resulted crop has high adherence on the surfaces. It helps to lessen the thickness and weight of asphalt; it increases the viscosity of tar and doesn’t let plants to grow on the asphalt. When we use the bitumen, the soften temperature of tar goes up and in a short time the asphalt gets hard. Of course you have seen gathered asphalt that has steps shape. A tar that has low soften point, leads to softening of all the asphalt through hot season, and skid of cars results in move of asphalt. If you use bitumen, even in the summer temperature, the asphalt will be stable and moving and stepping prevented in high temperatures. This material stops cracking asphalt or getting bald. I can mention Gluconate is the purest kind of bitumen. Bitumen used in the technology of road making and in many airports and standard roads.

Definition of bitumen

Bitumen waterproofing membrane supplier in Asia

We are bitumen waterproofing membrane supplier in our district and export our best products to many countries of Asia. Our productions have national standard and European standard (CE) and 9001 ISO standard. We have expert academic trained personals. Productions of our company exported to China, Emirate, Afghanistan, Turkey, Georgia and other African countries. Bitumen waterproofing membrane supplier must be aware that export of these products requires the exposure of purchase certificate about amount of used tar in production of export consignments.  While custom declaration, the owner of the article must declare the analysis paper of his cargo. A sample will sent to standard laboratory and kind of article and percentage of used tar and kind of tar will go to inquiry. Our company as an outstanding exporter has the highest quota of the market in export of Izogam and waterproofing.

Bitumen waterproofing membrane supplier in Asia

History of use of bitumen

Bitumen is a material that obtained from special zones of universe, it found abundantly specially in East west of Iran. The using of bitumen and oil spring has an old history. From the late time people in Eastern west of Iran used the bitumen as fuel. Moreover they used this material via different methods to emboss their dishes, or to capping the floor and walls of the houses, and making equipment like sickle and shovel. Also it was used to remediation of rheumatic agony.

Likewise bitumen used as fuel; it has high importance in industry because of its impermeability against the water and its high adherence. Today bitumen used to produce waterproofing membranes, oil cokes, print inks, stuffs used in roads and highways, unearthing mud for oil pits, paint, rubber, steel, and founding industry. In spite of the old times that bitumen only used to produce energy, according to its new uses, it counted as an important industrial material.

This important mineral material found rarely in some countries and Iran is one of scant countries that has high sources of bitumen or natural tar.

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