Export best waterproofing membrane bathroom floor

Waterproofing membrane of bathroom floor is an important parameter. If water of bathroom path through the wall or roof of bathroom and go to the other side of the wall, it will appear in swollen condition. We produce and export the best waterproofing membrane for bathroom floor.

Questions of waterproofing of bathroom

Sanitary services, lavatory and bathes tiles must be waterproof. The water is the main parameter that tires the buildings. Also accumulation of water behind and under the tiles leads to decay and pollution on their background. Likewise the waterproofing of outer walls depended on the kind of capping or their cover shows various problems.

For example if they are chalk, they will show efflorescence and soften and after a time it will swell and then the chalk will separate and fall. Our waterproofing membrane used in bathroom floor preserves and deflates that. If you have colored cover, the color hulls will blast and the fractions will scab and will fall.

About other stuffs like wallpaper also the said events will happen. In all stages of insulating and waterproofing you must consider these questions.

Questions of waterproofing of bathroom

Defects and advantages of bathroom Izogam

Tar is used to insulate the bathroom and lavatory. When they build buildings, after finishing the making the walls and roofs and before putting the tiles, the walls and roofs cemented, and then they use ready tar layers as Izogam to waterproofing. The defects of Izogam on walls and floors of bathroom are sticking of tile on the walls. When facing this problem you must strike on the tile that is put on the bathroom, if you hear bass sound you will understand that the tile separated from conjunction part.

Izogams because of their advantages are popular. They are light and are the suitable impediment against the moisture. They have proper prices and are commodious for users. When you want to install insulator, Izogams are cleaner than tar. Also their longevity makes them more desirable. If waterproofing job is not done perfectly the water will infiltrate through the walls and tracks of the tiles and this will lead to decay.

Defects and advantages of bathroom Izogam

Price of export Izogam

Izogam companies sell the waterproofing membrane for bathroom floor and for other uses. Sale of different kinds of export Izogam done through various ways. Companies and contractors prefer to use the online orders and internet sale. Export Izogam delivered in all over of the country and also in the site of boundary.

This circumstance conditioned while registering the order and the decisive purchase. Contractor companies or the companies that undertake the building and installation projects, receive their ordered Izogams based on the agreement via the long time contracts. Wholesale of Izogam has chief role on final price and is more commodious for the buyer. Polymer Izogam that is very useful when installation and performance usually wanted for huge projects.

The bazaars that are located in the boundaries make easier the import and export and are effective in clearance of articles and their prices.

Price of export Izogam

Export best waterproofing membrane

Our export Izogam produced and packed based on the order of the buyer and after uploading on appropriate traffic custom capped and is sent to the boundary along with the guarantee paper and insurance paper. Polymeric Izogam that has up-to-date national and international standard and has the best packing and Izogam rolls gets ready to exported.

Export Izogam produced by first class polymeric tar. It has the standard thickness and standard weight. Also it is national and international standard. And sold directly from the factory. It has the new packing and warrantee. Production and sale of Delijan Hyrman wholesale and our best export Izogam proper to sold to companies and be used in different projects.

The information related to price of per Izogam roll and characteristics of Izogam rolls broadcasted in our website and complementary data are disposal for the contractors and corporations.

Export best waterproofing membrane

Install waterproofing membrane bathroom floor

It is possible to do insulation of bathroom and lavatory by using the tar but underlying and correct implement of Izogam is more commodious than tar. To install the Izogam waterproofing membrane on bathroom floor, at first you must evaluate the kind of Izogam and measure the area of the place. Then it is installation turn by the installer. Now you must cement the surface completely.

After a short time to dry, you can start the performance and install of waterproofing membrane. Cut all pipes, and then cover the cold and hot water pipes by the chalk. Then tar the cemented surface and cover that completely. Now cut the Izogam for related sizes. Heat of torch that jointed to a LPG gas capsule does the melting and attaching process.

Through the welding job you must attend enough about overlapping the Izogam layers. Certainly create the proper slope for conduction of water.

Install waterproofing membrane bathroom floor

Conditions of purchase export desirable Izogam

Export of Izogam to every country requires to regard some rules and also receive of some customhouse justifications. Many rules determined by the Exchange organization, custom house, and the national standards organization to Izogam export. One of must important rules is analysis of a sample of Izogam by the national standards organization. There are many other rules that you must observe. When you are buying export Izigam you must pay attention to these notes:

  1. Choose the waterproof that has the sign of national standard of Iran.
  2. It must contain two layers of tissue and poly ester that its characteristics are interpolated on the label.
  3. Choose Izogam harmonized to your region climate that is wrote on package.
  4. Izogam must completely safe, especially notice the heel of that not to be broken.
  5. Some producers lessen the weight of Izogam, pay attention to its weight not to be less than 39 kilo gram.
  6. To waterproofing bathrooms, choose the bilayer powder Izogam, and they must be first class.
  7. Winter Izogam differs from summer one, pay attention to the date of production;

it shouldn’t stay more than 6 months in the storehouse.

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