Waterproof Membrane Shower Pan |Choose the Best Waterproof Membranes

What do you know about waterproof membrane? Waterproof membrane is a moisture and thermal insulation used in buildings and homes.The most important benefits of waterproof membranes are: 

  • Insulation against moisture that isolates the surface of the roof of the house or building, and you can safely guard against moisture and water leakage.
  • The waterproof membrane weight does not impose heavy load on the building, because it is very lightweight because each meter of the waterproof membrane weighs about 4 kg.
  • The cost of finished rubble is very cheap and affordable.
  • Waterproof membranes are used to prevent moisture from covering areas where water contamination is damaged.
  • Cleaning and creating a different space than Tar and asphalt is another benefit of waterproof membranes.
  • Flexibility are another benefit of waterproof membranes.
  • Waterproof membrane can be made in less time than Tar and asphalt .
  • Cost less than moisture insulations.
  • Reflection of sunlight in foil type membrane and thermal insulation.
  • Install on a wall with high heights and gables.
  • High resistance to tensile waterproof membrane converts to a full moisture insulator .

Waterproof Membrane Shower Pan is sold in all construction materials stores .

Waterproof Membrane Shower Pan |Choose the Best Waterproof Membranes

Is Tar Good For Waterproofing?

Is Tar Good For Waterproofing?No use of the other has been outdated. The use of tar has many disadvantages, including:

  • This method does not smooth the area.
  • The cost of using tar is very high.
  •  use of bitumen takes a lot of time.
  • bitumen in case of unconsciousness causes severe burns and even death of a person.
  • The beauty that the membrane gives to the place does not render Tar.
  • After a few years of using Tar you will see that the place has been pierced and leaked and you have to use Tar again.

How To Install Waterproof Membrane Shower Pan?

How To Install Waterproof Membrane Shower Pan?What is bathroom waterproofing details ?

This has several stages:

  • Clear the place.
  • The place should not be wet.
  • For a better absorption of the first waterproof membrane, we lay a thin layer of fabric.
  •   We extend the waterproof membrane in roll form.
  • Heat it with a burner to melt it and stick to the place.
  • During all these steps, care must be taken not to burn.

waterproofing shower walls and floor should be done by skilled and expert people .

How To Waterproof A Shower Without Removing Tiles?

How To Waterproof A Shower Without Removing Tiles?There is a question for many people. How To Waterproof A Shower Without Removing Tiles? If we want to insulate a place, we must do this before install the tile. Because the insulation taps into the tiles and gives us an ugly look, it can not be erased.But before doing this, ask yourself what we have chosen for waterproofing: asphalt or waterproof membrane.

If you want to get the best results at a low cost, Use these waterproof membranes because it takes less time and is cheaper. The price per meter of this waterproof membrane is about one dollar. Usually the installation of these membranes is the responsibility of the seller.

By buying a waterproof membrane in Iran, you can repair cracked walls and roof holes . This product adheres to cracked objects. You can use Waterproof Membrane Shower Pan in any way . This product is packed in 10 meters and 20 meters in different sizes . The price of Waterproof Membrane Shower Pan is about $ 5 .

How To Choose Suitable Waterproofing Shower Walls And Floor?

How To Choose Suitable Waterproofing Shower Walls And Floor?If you are newly building a house or apartment or want to waterproofing your old apartment and do not know which way to choose, then it’s better to consult experts in this area.

We suggest that you choose a waterproof membrane. Because it is cheaper, it is both high quality and durable.

In the last decade, many companies and factories worldwide have been producing this product. But you must know that Iran is the best and largest producer of waterproof membranes and exports its products to other countries in addition to our country’s market.

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