PVC waterproofing membrane price wholesale market

The cost-effective use of PVC waterproofing membrane is far more costly and cost less. The unique features of this product are cost-effective. And also ease-of-use, which makes it increasingly used in various applications, and in addition to industrial applications.

PVC waterproofing membrane

PVC waterproofing membrane

PVC waterproofing membrane are very soft and flexible, with a very high tensile strength, produced in rolls with a width of 1.5 m and a length of 15 m in thicknesses of 1 to 2 mm. These sheets are completely waterproof and do not cross the surface with water and moisture.

High elasticity (lengthening of length over 300% of initial length) and high life (50 years) and extra tensile strength (tolerance of tensile stress more than 13 MPa) as well as bonding of sheets without the need for adhesive and additive and only using Industrial hairdryers have made this product unrivaled in most tunneling and damping projects.

The unique features of this product are cost-effective and ease-of-use, which has made it increasingly used in various applications and also in addition to industrial applications. It is soon to be used instead of the waterproofing. And also other traditional moisture insulators in all applications. Industrial and home.
The use of these insulators in the dam industry over the past 50 years and during this time has been well tested and its use in all applications of moisture isolation with a high safety factor is recommended.

  • High reliability
    The polymeric surface of the PVC sheet does not allow water and moisture to pass through.
  • High durability
    PVC sheets keep their flexibility more than 40% after 30 years
  • High flexibility
    The 300% tensile strength allows the insulator to execute complex geometric surfaces without the need for substructure.
  • Easy relatives
    No additional burners and accessories, with a daily capacity of 300 square meters for each unit
  • Convenient refinement
    Damaged points with welding new sheets are easily restored to that area
  • economic efficiency
    In terms of price, these sheets are slightly higher than the ruberoid and much cheaper than similar ones
  • No need for glue
    All fittings are feasible with a hair dryer, and ceiling adhesive is required
  • High strength

PVC waterproofing membrane

Benefits of PVC sheet to spray insulators and adhesives

  1.  The economical use of PVC is much higher and costs far less.
  2.  When leaving and dynamically shaking the structures, the PVC sheet retains sealing
  3. While a variety of adhesives, additives and sprays, along with cracked concrete and insulating materials, disappear.
  4.  The repair of PVC sheets is simple, while the spraying insulators need to recycle the materials and use them for repair.
  5. The physical strength of the PVC membranes is very high, with high axial forces up to 13 MPa. While the adhesive and concrete adherence layers do not have much physical strength. They also determine the physical strength of the concrete.

PVC waterproofing membrane

Impact of exported rubbers on quality

The price of exported rubbers depends on the type of bitumen and the percentage of the bitumen used in it, and the thickness, volume and order volume of the ordering foreign companies.

Of course, the foreign market situation also influences pricing policies of domestic producers.

When it comes to the direct purchase of a rubble, this isogam plant, with a variety of brands and the best brands that produce for foreign markets, is always a leader in the proposal to buy direct rubble from the factory.

PVC waterproofing membrane

The direct purchase of a waterproof and non-intermediate material causes:

  •  Significant savings on cost
  •  The best quality
  •  ISO is standard;
  •  Transportation costs will be lower
  •  The bitumen delivery speed.

Therfore, the direct purchase of a factory-made ruber from a factory is valid with a guarantee and will result in the most cost savings for the project.

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