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With the production and distribution of an import waterproofing membrane, the factory has been manufacturing waterproofing membrane with advanced equipment. And for everyone, it is a reputable and well-known brand.

The factories and the most reputable humidity production companies constructe in different locations. Eeach producing a variety of insulation materials. With the most advanced and best equipment to produce different types of rubble. One of which The factory is a well-known and well-known brandy for the brand.

In order to introduce a variety of insulators. We can mention the double layer and insulating rubbers. Each of which uses for special applications.

import waterproofing membrane

waterproofing membrane structure produced

Polyurethane foamed waterproofing membrane are produced with a layer of polyester and bitumen and polymer additives. And coat with a layer of foil for strength and resistance to sunlight. And this type of insulation is very suitable for use and installation in building structures and for covering the areas. The need for a lot of pressure is not great, and it has a high resistance.

Foiled double-layer foam is used in addition to the best bitumen polymer made of felt and polyester and is covered with a 16-micron foil. Which can double the strength and strength of moisture. And also is very suitable for roofing and swimming pools as well as for custom projects. The thickness of 4 mm is a guarantee of resistance to this rubble.

With the arrival of autumn rains, the problems of infiltrations increase which. If not adequately solved, cause permanent damage to the structures. Generally the infiltrations are due to problems in the waterproofing covering layer; for this reason it is necessary to choose the best waterproofing. Both when operating on existing structures and in the case of new constructions.

import waterproofing membrane

Features of import waterproofing membrane

The fact that the superior to the same type of insulation. And also the factory gravel is a grade one bitumen, which results in the production of a first-grade rubberoid. .
The other thing that encourages the consumer to buy waterproofing is a reasonable price that is of particular importance to the consumer. And also can make the purchaser’s imagination much easier to buy.

The waterproofing make with all the specifications of a quality, standard and environmentally friendly insulator. And also the whole effort of the manufacturer team. And also the technical and laboratory experts is that these benefits have been maintained at all stages and for many years. As well as the satisfaction of the consumer in a degree.

Traders and businessmen who are looking to buy quality import waterproofing membrane, pay attention to the fact. That they are willing to negotiate with the senior managers of this factory to buy this product in a very high volume and capacity.

import waterproofing membrane

How to choose the best waterproofing

The waterproofing is to prevent the passage of water in the underlying layers and generally it must be positioned after the thermal insulation and before the upper covering.

The concentration of the polymers is such as to obtain a “phase inversion” alloy. And with a continuous polymeric phase characterized by a high concentration of SBS elastomers and metallocene copolymers with elastomeric behavior. Which allows the production of membranes with a higher quantity of binder provided of high elasticity even at low temperature.

import waterproofing membrane

Prefabricated bituminous membranes

The membranes most used for the waterproofing of terraces and roofs are those bituminous or those that derive from the distillation of oil. Generally they prefabricat, often they provide with armour. And need surface protection, generally given by the pavement, or gravel. The bituminous membranes generally have a good mechanical resistance and a high elongation at break.

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