bitumen sheet waterproofing price in India

The bitumen sheet waterproofing price is different depending on its type and appearance, and many factors affect its price.
The price of the bitumen sheet waterproofing also is influenced by various factors. From its type and its appearance to the materials used in its production on the price of the insulating rubble. Also, the purchased rubble is installed without installation and with a tile that is installed and executed at a price difference.

bitumen sheet waterproofing price

Some other factors that influence in bitumen sheet waterproofing price include:

  •  Quality of the ruberoid
  •  Quality of work execution
  •  Valid warranty to resolve possible problems
  •  Size and workmanship
  •  The coefficient of Rolling Coating
  •  Isolated water
  •  And many other factors

The waste bitumen sheet waterproofing is per square meter. And when executed, the price for the implementation of the rubber is given in m2 (depending on the type of contract is subject to change).

During work, the amount o used in the project increases. This is due to the increased consumption of Roller Coatings. As well as the installation of the waterproofing membrane on the roof edge or the roof guard wall to ensure that the moisture does not penetrate, and to use on the edges of the interior and around the studs and the side of the smokestack pipes and heat exchangers used In the building. This increase in consumption also will lead to an increase in the price of executed rubble.

bitumen sheet waterproofing price

Variety of bitumen sheet waterproofing

The layers used in the coating are two types, each with a different price.

  •  Single layer lining

Made of polyester material, it has high flexibility and flexibility.

  •  Dual layer of rubble

It is made of thick and thick tile and polyester.

  •  Three layers of rubble

In this type of insulation or a layer of wires, a large wire is added to the insulating layer or an additional polyester layer.

The price of the aluminium coated aluminium is different from that of a non-coated aluminium laminate, as well as with a pebble-based lining. Finally, it is noted that the insulating material is divided into two ordinary shapes (with a width of one meter and ten rolls) and a cut insulating bitumen (Isoshingl), which is used for grate roofs with special cutaways.

bitumen sheet waterproofing price

Other factors affecting the price of rubble are the following points:

  •  Bitumen and climate fit
  • The number of layers of insulation (single layer or double layer) of single layer insulation is cheaper than two-layer insulation.
  •  The number of times the implementation of the rubble
  •  Standard and insurant insurance
  •  Coated or uncoated insulation
  •  The coefficient of overlap of the insulating bit (the size of the edges of the insulation)
  •  The quality of the wool yarn of glass and polyester
  •  The geometric shape of the surface and coefficient of insulation.

The abovementioned factors are some of the factors affecting the price of the rubble and other elements also affect the price of the rubble produced in factories and companies as well as the cost of the finished product after installation and operation.

Use of standard insulation

The company also has the honour to have the quality of work and the use of materials with the quality of customer satisfaction. Also this company uses its ISO-quality standard and quality and insulation materials to make sure that ISO-certified companies are doing their best to satisfy customers. The company does not use any quality non-standard insulating materials at all. Proper implementation is one of the main goals of this company.

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