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Import waterproofing membrane with first-rate polymeric rubble to the country, as well as the injection of fresh blood into the construction industry, which can be mentioned in the form of applied and specialized imports.

import waterproofing membrane

What is an exhaust waterproofing membrane?

Exported rubbers are produced as needed and customized. And also because the production of such rubble is based on the country’s climate and the type of project. It is important to pay attention to this. For example, exportation polystyrene produces for cold weather, cold waterproofing. And for rainy weather and hot tropical standard insulation materials.

The waterproofing with polyurethane membrane consists of applying an in situ coating of liquid polyurethane throughout the terrace.

The application of waterproofing materials arises from the need to put an end to the leaks of liquids, which are the main cause of moisture problems that weaken the structures of homes and buildings.

The waterproofing with this material carrغ out by means of the installation of homogeneous polyurethane membranes, of high durability, impenetrable, endowed with high capacity of elasticity and great adherence to the concrete.

These plates are placed on the substrate and, after a prudent time of drying, they acquire impermeability characteristics difficult to find in other materials.

import waterproofing membrane

The hight quality exportation waterproofing membrane

In order to produce any kind of moisture insulation, raw materials are very important. And therefore, in the production of various types of exportation rubbers, the quality and standard of insulation are high.

The waterproofing membrane plant has been able to receive orders directly and, through experts, obtain the certificates and guarantees required for the export of the rubberoid. Packing and loading complete thoroughly and in accordance with the customs seal.

import waterproofing membrane


  • Pools, fountains and water tanks;
  •  Boxes for bath, toilet and areas near bathtubs;
  •  Industrial, commercial and residential bathrooms and laundries;
  •  Hydromassage baths and hot tubs;
  •  Kitchens and food processing areas;
  •  Terraces and balconies built on free spans;
  •  Marquises and facades;
  •  Saunas (when used in conjunction with a vapor barrier)

import waterproofing membrane

Import waterproofing membrane

Import of waterproofing are very valuable to many who work in the field of buying and selling various moisture insulators. And services that deliver to destination countries when selling various types of exhaust waterproofing include customs clearance, standard loading and proper placement, obtaining certificates and standards for a variety of custom export waterproofing membrane.

import waterproofing membrane

The Impact of Quality on the Cost of Exports of Extrusion

The price of exported rubbers depends on many factors. These factors include,

  • Type of bitumen
  • The percentage of pure bitumen used in it
  • Thickness
  • The area
  • As well as the order size of the foreign client’s order

import waterproofing membrane

Why waterproof with polyurethane membranes?

The polyurethane membranes are resistant to solar radiation, which is why they can be installed in areas exposed to the sun such as terraces, but this is not the only reason to waterproof them:

  • Resistance: Polyurethane membranes not only resist UV rays, but are also immune to any type of corrosive elements or to the attack of mechanical processes that intend to deform them. They are also resistant to abrasion, to the application of chemicals or penetration by means of water vapor.
  • Ease of installation: This product provides ease and speed in the application, whether in new buildings or remodeling.
  • Safety: Not only does it fulfill its waterproofing efficiency with efficiency, it also guarantees the safety of the structure, since in any way it will disintegrate or lose consistency with the passage of time.
  • Adhesion: Polyurethane membranes provide high adhesion to concrete, wood and other materials, especially the substrate.
  • Cost: The cost of using polyurethane membranes to waterproof is similar to that of other materials in the installation stage. However, due to its characteristics, the product will last over time without requiring maintenance, which will make it much cheaper.
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