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The Waterproof tarpaulin layer or the bituminous waterproofing membrane is one of the most important cases of moisture insulation. And also the most important component of it is bitumen and it uses in places where water and moisture can penetrate.

waterproofing is a moisture insulator also used to prevent moisture penetration to any level. Bitumen also is the main component of it. Additionally, polyester and aluminium foil and other polymer materials also uses in its manufacture.

Waterproofing membrane or Moisture Insulation also widely used in industrial and construction applications, including:

  •  Roof insulation: Also the most commonly used insulation site for installation on the ceiling of the building
  •  Installation of the bodywork: for the walls of the parking lots, etc.
  •  Foam flooring installation
  •  Insulation of ponds and water and irrigation canals
  •  Insulation of large niches
  •  Floor and wall insulation of pools
  •  Insulation of building the foundation
  •  Insulation of water tanks
  •  Air bridges
  •  Class parking
  •  Poultry and livestock
  •  Refrigerators
bituminous waterproofing membrane
Waterproofing Membrane

Type of bituminous waterproofing membrane

The waterproofing membrane divide into two types by appearance

  •  Normal waterproofing (with a width of one meter and ten meters rolls)
    This type of waterproofing also is known as a rolled waterproofing and is made with different layers and coatings.
  •  Cutting waterproofing. This type of waterproofing also uses with special cutaways to insulate roof girders for insulating with beauty.
bituminous waterproofing membrane
Waterproofing Membrane

Surface coatings on it include several types:

  •  Aluminum-coated rubble: Extremely large in use in direct sunlight.
  •  Uncoated aluminium foil: Most of the insulation use for sanitary fittings and so on.
  •  Gypsum-based rubble: This type of rubble uses in high-traffic areas and, given the colour of it, has a very beautiful visual effect.
bituminous waterproofing membrane
waterproofing membrane

The rubble is divided into three groups based on the number of layers

  •  One layer of rubble
    A layer of bituminous impregnated polyester that can have an aluminium foil layer
  •  Double glazed tile:
    A polyester layer that adds a layer of tufted fibreglass to it for more strength. Then it stains in a bitumen pile and can have a layer of aluminium foil.
  • Three layers of rubble: In this type of insulation or a layer of wires, a large wire add to the insulating layer or an additional layer of polyester.

The following is a brief overview of the waterproofing and its alloys and is a composite of the waterproofing and its application.

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